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Meet the Bulldog and His Buddies
2017-05-19 17:00:00 / News

Four new agile and dangerous American light tanks will hit the battlefield soon. This new branch of the American line is an alternative to the T57 Heavy branch, and you’ll have the chance to get your scout on after researching the M5 Stuart. Let’s take a look!


M24 Chaffee

Tier V

With solid accuracy and stabilization, the Chaffee easily hits opponents on the move. With 115mm of penetration, it’ll be able to put the hurt on anyone who mistakes it for a poorly armed light tank. That versatility means the Chaffee works as either a scout or a fighter.

The similar VK16.01 and Crusader might have faster top speeds, but the Chaffee comes right behind them in power-to-weight ratio and traverse speed. In short, it’s no slouch in terms of mobility.


12,480 XP



Tier VI

While similar to the Chaffee, the T37 can boast a more powerful engine and more firepower. A rapid-firing gun, good view range and decent handling dynamics are a few of the things you’ll love about the T37.

On the other hand, it shares the same weak armor and high silhouette as the Chaffee.
If you’re an autoloader enthusiast, the T37 offers another gun with inferior penetration but can spit out three shots in five seconds and up to 480 damage.


28,100 XP


Walker Bulldog

Tier VII

Easily the most mobile tank in the new line, the Bulldog tops out at 72 km/h. Its gun is also quick, reloading in only 5.7 seconds. That speed comes at a price, as you’ll only be dealing about 160HP per shot with penetration of 155mm. You’re best off utilizing the Bulldog’s speed to attack from behind.

Like the T37, the Bulldog also offers an autoloading gun as an option. At the expense of accuracy and penetration, you’ll be able to unleash 480HP of damage in about five seconds.


56,300 XP


Fast T49


At the top of this line sits the Fast T49, arguably the most unusual light tank in Blitz. While not as mobile as the Bulldog, the Fast T49 is otherwise similar to its predecessor. Like other tanks in the line, it also suffers from a large silhouette and weak armor.

On the other hand, it’s got a 152mm gun with fantastic damage potential. You’ll have the choice between a HEAT shell with 152mm of penetration and around 560HP of damage, or an HE Premium shell with 85mm of penetration and around 780HP damage. Of course, if HE rounds aren’t your thing you can also mount a more “traditional” round.


101,200 XP

Get ready to run with the Bulldog in Update 3.9!

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