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Meet the Heroes!
2016-11-18 18:30:00 / News
The Champions Have Assembled! 

Heroic World of Tanks Blitz players from around the world are converging upon New York — they’re the best of the best, but didn’t get that way overnight. 

We talked with the North American team, HEAT, about their ascension to greatness! 

Team Name: HEAT Team Clan: [PRAMO] mike82198 – Team Captain

“I’ve been playing for about two years. I found Blitz in the App Store one day and downloaded it on a whim. Another user introduced me to voice chat and the idea of not “YOLO-ing” towards the enemy, and my outlook on the game changed forever.”


“I got into Blitz around its release. As a competitive gamer by nature, I was enthralled with mastering the concepts of the game.”


“I started with Blitz in June 2014. I’d always been into World of Tanks on the PC, and was fascinated by seeing it played on YouTube. I got into Blitz competitively after being called a noob. I worked hard to boost my win ratio after that.”


“I saw Blitz advertised, gave it a try, and was extremely impressed. What stood out was the huge community, the effort put into events, and the thrill of going head-to-head with other skilled players. Playing at a competitive level is a completely different experience than random battles.”


“I’ve been playing World of Tanks since 2011, and learned about the Blitz Beta. I gave it a try and ended up being really good at it, so competitive play sounded fun to me. I knew that I’d be successful if I surrounded myself with other excellent players.”


“I got into Blitz a year and a half ago when a friend told me about a ‘tank game’ on iOS. I ended up enjoying the game, especially when playing with Clanmates.”


“I enjoyed watching PC World of Tanks players on YouTube, so when I heard about a mobile version, I thought I’d give it a try. I started on the Asia server early last year when I was living in Japan. When I moved to America, I switched to the NA server. Mike saw how I played and invited me to be on his team.”

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