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Meet the Tanks of Winter Fair
2016-12-19 18:00:00 / News

An unprecedented amount of Premium tanks is available in the Winter Fair. event! Whether you’re looking to pick up a few classics you missed out on or just getting your feet wet with Premium tanks, here’s our guide to help set your sights!

Stridsvagn 74A2

The Swedish Autoloader

The Winter Fair mission series offers the chance to unlock the Stridsvagn 74A2, the first Swedish tank featured in Blitz! This tier VII Premium tank isn’t exactly a friendly ambassador for a new nation of tanks — its autoloading gun packs some serious firepower.

The Soviet Heavies IS-3 Defender

With a three-round autoloader and serious sloped armor, the IS-3 Defender is a beast. It’s also only been offered once before in a special event. If you missed out, get your Tickets ready and grab it while you can!


The KV-5 isn’t just a well-armored Credit-earning machine It also has two different guns to equip. It’s worth adding to your Garage if you’re a fan of heavy tanks.

The Chinese Warriors Type 59

Similar to the beloved T-54 but with Premium tank profitability, the Type 59 is a mobile medium tank with sloped armor and a low silhouette — perfect for avoiding foes and hitting them where it hurts.

Type 62

Feel the need for speed? Look no further than the Type 62, a light tank with one of the most impressive unique camo patterns in the game! Just remember to pack some HEAT shells for pesky enemies you can’t penetrate with normal rounds.

The American Heroes T34 Independence

Subtlety is not the this tank’s strong suit. Its camo is a distinctive red, white, and blue. Plus, it carries one of the most powerful guns among tier VIII heavy tanks. Go hull-down to leverage its super strong turret armor and you’ll be stacking Credits. 


The T23E3 is a fast medium tank with excellent suspension and a fast-firing gun. When using the T23E3 in battle, keep things fast and try not to be distracted by all the glowing lights!

The Lone Wolves FCM 50 t

Our first French Premium tank is a perfect blend of speed and firepower. Use them both for maximum versatility and the FCM 50 t will excel at fighting either medium or heavy tanks. It also has two unique soccer camo designs!

E 25

This tank destroyer is small, fast, and hard as nails, earning its reputation as being frustratingly tenacious. Doesn’t that sound fun? Add it to your Garage and bring that hurt to your foes.

The TV Star T-34-85 Rudy

This agile medium tank has real cultural cachet, though maybe not to American audiences — it hails from the classic Polish TV show “Four Tankmen and a Dog.” Even if you haven’t seen the show, it’s easy to appreciate the Rudy thanks to its impressive suspension, mobility, and high rate of fire.

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