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Michael Svirin. Man, historian, fighter

Michael Svirin – one of those historians who have opened for readers new history of armored vehicles based on archival documents, declassified in the late 80s – early 90s. These people laid the foundation on which a new, modern generation by building their research and publications. Unfortunately, in May this year he passed away. About how was Mikhail Nikolayevich, says chief editor of “Tactical Press” Gregory Pernavsky, who knew this wonderful person.

There are people who come into your life and disappear from it, leaving no how someday noticeable trace. Others go with you one way, and even if they go away, you always think you would say they made about you. Mikhail was just such a person.

I was trying to remember who introduced us in the second half of the 90s. Just remember one thing: it was still before appeared and blossomed “Military History Forum,” which gave the world a whole generation of writers that changed the military-historical literature and science. However, these people are already the second generation – those who know where to go and where, and most importantly – what to look for.

That easily gets a modern scholar, was for enthusiasts 70-80 years simply unavailable

Svirin also belonged to the first generation of fans of history and the history of military technology in general. In those years before these people were closed all the doors. Historical education of the population while doing agitprop. Enthusiasts, lovers, people with a warm heart had no place in the system. But they did not give up, in a roundabout way have access to the technical library, talked with the “old” with plants and of design offices, meets with the same enthusiasts like themselves. And gradually, as under pressure shoots of grass and asphalt concrete crack, cracked zakamenevshaya in their old system of dogmatic view of history.

Одно из последних прижизненных фото М. Н. Свирина In the early 90s began to appear in selling books and magazines. They were few, and for each of the then enthusiasts had their weight in gold. They photocopied, they exchanged their even put in a prominent place in their closets connoisseurs and collectors. Names Svirina, Kolomiyts Bariatinskii and became known to everyone who is not alien to military history. And this was a deserved fame. It is these three men were able to roll the stone up the mountain, and it is thanks to their labor went up, and continue to ascend the new stars.

As for Uncle Misha, he managed to do a lot, founded the great military-historical magazine “Polygon”, the magazine for poster modelers. Alas, these projects have not survived. So it turns out that the money for researchers and enthusiasts do not happen. To publish a book about the T-28, for example, Svirin sold his personal car. People in general are divided into “effective managers” and those who do real work for them and goes to the victim. And this – the people of two different worlds.

Left without a magazine, Michael Svirin started the project throughout its life. He wrote a major work “The History of Soviet tank”, which is now known to all lovers of the history of armored vehicles. But Mikhail was not just a writer of books. He was a true scientist. His main achievement – the fact that he was able to combine the technical to the political history – that is, justified, for whatever reason, and customers, and the designers took certain decisions.

For many years, the disease has caused Mikhail Nikolayevich terrible torment. Another person from the constant pain would turn into a beast. But not Svirin

Of course, the book Svirina not the ultimate truth. It has errors and omissions stretch. It revealed not all the dramatic episodes in the history of Soviet tank production. And it is easy to explain. The fact that no problem gets modern researcher, was an enthusiast 70-80s simply unavailable. Therefore, the conclusions were often made on the basis of incomplete and sometimes distorted information. Yet another general work on the history of Soviet tanks and no more will not be long (reference books and encyclopedias do not count).

Besides the books, Uncle Misha has written for various online resources and forums, and meetings with him turns into a real and fascinating lectures. In recent years, it is almost completely switched to the patriotic education of children and adolescents, but the writing is almost stopped, because a lot of time to say what he wanted. Many, but unfortunately not all – health failed. Affected and the wounds received on a “peaceful war” – Mikhail participated in demining work in Chechnya, was wounded.

For years, the disease has caused Mikhail Nikolayevich terrible torment. Another person from the constant pain would turn into a beast. But not Svirin. He literally embodied the word “good.” Itself in dire need of help, he was always ready to lend a hand and help at least advice. And he had friends who were always ready to help Maxim Kolomiets, Sergei Burkatovsky Alexander Kontorovich and many who still. Misha was truly a wonderful person and a real fighter. He knew that his cause is just, and never gave up.

Lyricist – Gregory Pernavsky

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