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– hard at work on the new physics of motion. Soon the overall test. We will show two options: a more realistic, inertial and more arcade with some crutches for greater maneuverability.
– A lot of work on the LBZ: the right texts, we will change many conditions, modify interfaces. Something will go into mikropatchi that it will be right in the next versions.
– Analysis of statistics (hits, damage) after the release of 9.6 showed that the new precision gives an average of 0.5 to 2% fall in the number of hits and the amount of damage done. The level drop is directly proportional to the accuracy of the machine and the line of fire. Ie art “hit” (unless of course 2% can be called suffering) the most.
– And a little more removed from the tanks HD 9.7: AMX 50-100, IS-3 (!) and Pershing. Cars were some changes in kollizhnah and because they are widely used in e-sports, and we will grandfinal just on this patch, we will hold them until.
– Square review will round already relatively soon – after a couple of patches. Now roll forward a new BW 9.7 and then take up the review and other system stuff.

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