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Military Appreciation Month: Operation Supply Drop
2015-05-24 12:21:00 / Premium Shop

Wargaming celebrates Military Appreciation Month by teaming up with Operation Supply Drop (OSD) to bring you a limited-time bundle offer.

OSD is a military gaming charity founded to both US soldiers and NATO allies through video game care packages. Since 2010, OSD has helped create a supportive community for veterans, secured millions of dollars worth of video games and equipment for service men and women at home and abroad, and it has supported veteran-owned businesses in the video game industry. Beginning May 25 and continuing until June 1, Wargaming will donate 25% of the proceeds from this bundle to the OSD organization.

As we honor those who serve or have served, please consider donating to OSD!

Available: Monday, May 25, 04:00 PDT / 11:00 UTC
Ends: Monday, June 1, 04:00 PDT / 11:00 UTC

  Operation Supply Drop Support Bundle – $14.99




Additionally, we have an identical, month-long bundle where the proceeds are divided evenly amongst four charities. The Military Appreciation Month Support Bundle can also be found in the Premium Shop.

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