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Война будущего глазами Альбера Робиды

At the end of the XIX century French artist and writer Albert Robidoux, drawing cartoons and writing funny stories about the wars of the future, and could not imagine that some of his predictions will come true soon. Robidoux wrote about the sale of advanced weapons to anyone willing to pay. On planes, aerial fire corrective chemical shells on a dozen kilometers away, and the bacteria that have become a weapon. At the same time the army of the future in his work were tight like medieval armor very similar to cutting-edge equipment infantryman. Nowadays creative Frenchman does not look so funny.

Science fiction all the time differed considerable insight in military affairs, especially as part of writing fiction stories involved the military.

Literature invasion

The mentality of people do not keep up with the changes, and it is frightening. The fear expressed by the appearance in Europe of a new genre of “invasion literature” devoted to a sudden attack of the enemy. In the role of the victims usually were Great Britain, USA, France and Germany.

Precision predictions of science fiction are often striking. The book, written in 1892, the war in Europe began with the assassination attempt on the Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand. In reality, in 1914 the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand was [1,999,020]

The first sign was the novel “The Battle of Dorking”, released in the UK after the unexpected victory of Prussia over France in 1871. In this book, the unnamed enemy (for some reason speaks German) suddenly destroyed the British fleet with new weapons and invaded England. And half a century after this country is still in ruins. The book does not predicted as much as warned: you need to be ready to defend at any time.

After the “Battle of Dorking” followed by hundreds of books about the invasion. They even impossible to list. But clearly it is worth mentioning the “Great War 189-” the famous theoretician Fleet Vice Admiral Colomb. Great War in Europe, it began with the assassination attempt on the Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand. Real 1914 Austrian Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, and the war began that quarter of a century was called the Great. From his 1892 Colombes wrote dynamite bombs falling on the city from airships of infantry, ran across a barbed wire, shrapnel and fire from rifles multiply, and night battles, floodlit.

In “amazed the nation” in 1890 describes how the British fleet bombarded the coast of the United States and block, forcing them to surrender. New York lights. The main conclusion of the book: America needs a strong navy. The future showed that this is true and that the United States will be one of the greatest maritime powers.

Prophecy multiply

«Сухопутные броненосцы» Герберта Уэллса Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 gave a new impetus to science fiction. The famous HG Wells in 1903 published the book “Land armadillos.” It told about how to attack opponents crashing against a well-prepared defense, and both sides are buried in the ground. The war came to a standstill. But one night on the battlefield came slowly steel monsters the size of an armored cruiser. Invulnerable to bullets tridtsatimetrovoy machines moved on wheels Pedreyla defenders and shot from the remote-controlled rifle. Note: Wells not only predicted the appearance of tanks, but also correctly explained the reason why they could not appear in reality.

In 1908, the book HG Wells’ War in the Air “showed the sinking of the fleet from the air – airships and airplanes were much cheaper and more effective battleships (what happened later). When the target bombings did not break the will of the enemy air terror began. Wells wrote about firestorms in New York long before it happened in Guernica, Coventry, Dresden, Stalingrad. And in his “liberated world” European cities late 50s rained hundreds of nuclear bombs.

In the shadow of Wells works were books of George Griffith’s “Lord of labor” and “Angel of the Revolution” (1911). They are also air battleships bombed the city and the army special bombs were used in full death rays and radium charges for rifles and guns. Against the corporations that profit from wars, revolution broke out. An interesting point: in the book Griffith inventor of new weapons at the turn of XIX-XX centuries was Hiram Maxim, the creator of the famous gun.

Немецкая подлодка U-9, потопившая 22 сентября три английских крейсера и её командир Отто Веддиген Great War began in Europe for trifling matter. It was violated the neutrality of Belgium and the French fortress – destroyed by German artillery. The British navy in bloody clashes tried to lure German for a decisive battle. German soldiers ruthlessly suppressed the resistance of the civilian population, and after the first fighting equipment and changed the shape of a bright less noticeable. What is it – the beginning World ? No! This is the book “1906. The collapse of the old world “, written under the pseudonym of Henry Krautoffom Zeeshtern.

Another famous author Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger, in his short story “Danger!” Predicted unrestricted submarine warfare, with the supply of transport and secret submarine bases, deployed well in advance before the war. He wrote about the “wolf packs” – coordinated action of submarines, and that to save torpedoes they can sink ships cannon. Also discussed about the attacks of neutral ports and ships traps. Fortunately, none of the two world wars, the German submarine had not fully and in time to take advantage of these recipes.

World War I broke out, and to distinguish reality from fiction in literature became more difficult. It would seem – a sick fantasy: the United States, dissatisfied with the contacts in Canada to Britain, Japan and several other countries to attack her. But in reality there was a plan, “Red”, which included an attack several Canadian cities in the event of aggression, the United Kingdom. US seriously feared that aggression on the basis of the fact that Britain might not like the growth of trade and political competition with audacious overseas power. Moreover, Canada is also planned and preventative attacks in the United States!

Future War in Soviet fiction

Alexei Tolstoy in the first version of the novel “The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin” wrote about the aircraft flying in the tysyachesilnyh engines. The title character is built not only hyperboloids, but also atomic beacon that can operate for thousands of years. And yet Garin invented electrical instruments fighter, to whom even the deadly beam hyperboloid was a toy.

Soviet science fiction evolved from stories about the absolutely incredible event and technology to realistic descriptions of fights and battles

In 1925, the science fiction Sergei Budantsev wrote: “The causes of World War II years of 1934-36 were examined fairly and predicted in the 20s. I can only recall an occasion. “ In fact, in those years there was a war in Ethiopia, Spain, the crisis in China – a direct precursor of the Second World. Budantsev managed to even tell that “already decrepit, but still lively and tireless Mussolini” will be overthrown and killed. However, it happened in the 44th, not the 45th year.

Scary, see page novel “In the East,” written in 1936 by writer Pavlenko, a description of the blazing Tokyo “Volley third wave! Below is boiling, swirling smoke, fire flows. Unfold wasteland; sometimes it is seen as disappearing, merging with the ground of the building. ” In the 45th, after a four-engine flight of American bombers, the city and looked. However, in the life of a raid took place at night and in low altitude.

Фото из журнала 1936 года. Крейсер будущего запускает управляемую «авиаторпеду» H. Shpanov in the novel “first strike” before the war predicts the construction of bombers “hedgehog” like building combat box applies the American B-17, as well as repeated attacks on them fighters, air defense exhaustion. He wrote about the attack bombers on the dam – it will make the British in 1943 on the Rhine.

One of the most famous Soviet writer Alexander Kazantsev, who was more and inventor wedges, wire-guided, in his “Burning Island” in 1941 predicted the rapid development of guided missiles and “poluraketnyh fighters.”

Thus, in a time of great scientific discoveries and technological breakthrough of the early twentieth-century science fiction proved perspicacious than many practitioners of the military, who said: “This is a good sport, but for the army airplane to anything” or “Tanks – is a ridiculous fantasy and quackery “.

Lyricist – Eugene Belas


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