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Military Honor Stars in Battle
2017-11-03 11:00:00 / News
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Imagine: after a hard battle you appear in the Garage and see a notification saying that a rival praised your outstanding skill. A pleasant surprise, isn’t it? Looks like you have just met a new friend!

When introducing the Military Honor system, we promised that we would keep an eye on it and calibrate it depending on your needs. Now we will tell you about our improvements for the complaint and praise system in version 4.4.

Whom Can We Trust?

A star will appear in the battle chat next to the player’s name. Its color will correspond to the player’s Military Honor. You can safely trust advice coming from a tanker with a purple star!

Star colors remain the same and go in the following order:

Evaluating the Results

It can be good to know about your weaknesses, but well-deserved praise can make your day too. Now you will be notified of both complaints and praises.

There is a Chat button in the praise notifications. It opens a chat with the player who praised you for worthy behavior.

The types of praises were slightly reworked. We decided to give up on the “Polite Player” praise as polite players may not be friendly, while we wanted to emphasize the importance of positive communication. So we introduced “Sociable Player”. If another commander helped you in battle with useful advice, tap “like”.

Damaged an enemy without taking aim? Hit a scout three times in a row at full speed? Survived the battle with 1 HP remaining? Luck is on your team’s side today! Or on your enemy’s side… Unlike “Team Player”, the “Lucky” praise allows you to honor the fantastic luck of both your teammates and opponents.

As before, the number of praises available depends on your Military Honor. But now their number will be refreshed after each battle. Unused praises will not accumulate.

The number of complaints will be refreshed twice per day together with the XP multiplier for the first victory.

In Pursuit of Stars

A toggle has been added to the Military Honor screen. Now you will be able to switch between the up-to-date information on your in-game behavior for the last 30 days and statistics for your overall time spent in World of Tanks Blitz. Overall statistics will be collected starting from Update 4.4.

It should also be noted that from now on, complaints and praises that haven’t passed the moderation:

Will not notify players Will have no effect on Military Honor Will not be displayed in Military Honor statistics

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