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victory in battle – the result of many factors , both casual and natural. The latter include the individual skills of the players, teams and concerted action, of course, the ability to collect and analyze information in the course of the battle.

The outcome of the battle depends on the awareness of each player. The main data collection tool in the fight – it’s the mini-map, in fact, it is analyzing taking place on this event, experienced players predict the development of the situation and take action. Lose sight of the data card – means to deprive themselves of a convenient and effective tool in the fight. For beginners, if they want to achieve good results, as soon as possible to accustom themselves to follow in the battle for the mini-map.

image With the release of the update 9.5 functionality in the existing mini-map will be made improvements that will increase its informative .

offers you the following new features:

  • display the names of the art of markers;
  • last place “lit up” technique;
  • targeting vector;
  • field of fire for the ACS.

New features mini-map is configured, and everyone can find a suitable configuration for itself. This can be done in the game settings:


The idea to introduce additional features mini-map has been taken from the popular players to modify titled “Smart mini-map.” The main difference from existing innovations fashion – optimization. “Smart mini-map” is distributed among the players by modpakov including a large number of different versions from different authors. According to statistics compiled by the development team, the use of such packages reduces productivity by an average of 30%.

Modified to update 9.5 mini-card has no effect on the performance of the game client. Thus, there is no need to install a large number modpaki modifications questionable benefit. In addition to performance, the developers have paid great attention to selection of fonts and text colors: the official version of the color of the font selected in such a way as to be clearly visible on the background of bright mini-card (the problem was most acute for winter locations).

Comment creator of “Smart mini-map» XlebniDizele4ku

image The first version of “smart mini-map” shows only the signature classes and art circles review. Information about the last location of the missing “light up” technique on them was not. This revision would love to write. The idea was in my head. I do not remember someone told me about this.

In developing the use native “You” tank interface: when you hover on a technique already Ctrl + drag highlighted location tank on the mini-map. Had to work hard to adapt it to locate the tanks. It seems that this scheme works very difficult to work around even now.

The first public release of the alpha version of “smart mini-map” on 5 December 2012. Organized and conducted testing the alpha version by the narrow circle of visitors Support Forum XVM. Discussed, suggested, corrects problems and solved the problems.

After some time after the release of the earliest and crude realization display on the mini-map of the missing “glare “The tank was an interesting case. Someone told me that on the official forums posted, it turns out, a cool mod mini-card with the missing of “light up” machines. Some young player wrote that it took from the Chinese forum and do a lot to thank them for such a useful piece Chinese. They laughed when they saw that this is the XVM-ный prototype. Identical fonts, colors, spacing, and all-all-all.

on the results of the modification is widespread. It was nice to know that your work is a tremendous demand among the players World of Tanks. We are also encouraged that we were able to submit the company Wargaming idea to add the “You” to the client.

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