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Мини игры Симуляторы
and grata in computer games loved by all, without exception, both adults and children. Such activities carries very quickly and, despite what some consider a mini game simulators pointless waste of time, it is not so. Yes, there are games that are not particularly useful and addictive, mostly roulette or blackjack. But the mini-games, simulators did not belong to this category, on the contrary, they allow you to spend time fun, relax, lift your mood and even get useful skills that can be applied in real life.
Types of games very much and they are built to simulate certain activities. There are variations that simulate driving a car, train, sailing on a submarine, flying a plane, people’s attitudes, board games, such as billiards and the like, and even business activities. Virtually all areas of human activity reflected in multimedia technology.
The most popular car driving simulators. They are divided into two subspecies, arcade and realistic. The first variety is different enough simple controls and mini-games such simulators are designed mainly for fun and pleasure. The second type is more complicated. In this case, the control is as close to reality as the behavior of the car in certain situations or weather conditions, so quickly master this game and pass all levels fail.
For learning is better to choose a single-user version of the game. Once you have mastered it, you can go to more complex online games simulators , where competitions take place between real players. It should be borne in mind that many of them are really true masters.
No less attracted to children and adults as well and space simulators. They are descended from the road, but in this case the pilot controls the spaceship, which has a varied range of options.
Space simulators also have a division into types: flight simulation, simulation battlefield simulation trading activities. In the first case, the focus is on the management of the ship, so the vehicle has a complex technical device. In the second case focuses more on speed, maneuverability and armament. In the third case, additional criteria may act capacity, the ability to collect and transport of goods, as well as the calculation with other players or agents.
The remaining flash games based on the management of any vehicle, whether ship or aircraft, is also classified according to the same criteria.
Separately, you can consider the simulators that simulate various spheres of human activity. In recent years begun to actively gain popularity areas such as urban planning, trade, piracy, business, development and the development of civilization, the economy. They are quite interesting, diverse, are the minimum system requirements and excellent graphics, so choose a game to their liking is not complexity.

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