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Missile Exercise Bundles
2017-08-23 00:00:00 / Premium Shop
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From August 23 to September 20, the Missile Exercise event will take place in World of Tanks Blitz. The grand prize is the enriched Tier IX KpfPz 70 tank. You can claim it after you become one of the first thousand players on the leaderboard or after you collect 5,500 Charms from containers.

Each container contains not only Charms for the KpfPz 70, but other random awards, such as Premium Tier III to V vehicles, Credits, Gold, boosters, or certificates for Premium Account. Read more about the content of the containers below.

Available for purchase until September 20, 12:00 am (GMT):

 One Special KpfPz 70 Container

Bundle price: $3.99.

 Six Special KpfPz 70 Containers

Bundle price: $22.99.

 Twelve Special KpfPz 70 Containers

Bundle price: $43.99.

 Twenty-five Special KpfPz 70 Containers

Bundle price: $89.99.

The price can vary depending on your regional settings and other parameters configured on your mobile device.

What’s Inside?

After you open a Special KpfPz 70 Container, you will get three random awards from the list below:

 The Premium Tier V T-25 tank + a garage slot;  The Premium Tier IV Valentine II tank + a garage slot;  The Premium Tier III T-15 tank + a garage slot;  50 to 5,000 Gold;  40,000 to 500,000 Credits;  5 to 15 Medium Free XP Boosters (+350%);  5 to 15 Medium Crew XP Boosters (+150%);  5 to 15 Medium Combat XP Boosters (+60%);  1 to 3 certificates for 9 hours of Premium Account.

Awards can be of the same kind; you’ll see a single award icon with an indication of its total amount. If a container contains a tank that you already have in your Garage, you will get compensation for it in Credits and a garage slot.

And one more thing

In addition to basic awards, you will always find from 100 to 5,500 Charms for the KpfPz 70 in each Special Container.

After you collect 5,500 Charms (you might even find this amount of Charms in a single container!), you will get the enriched Tier IX KpfPz 70 tank with six pieces of unlocked equipment and a slot in your Garage.

You can get more containers by participating in the Missile Exercise event. Good luck!

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