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Hello Warriors,

its not a surprise that specially now with the T-22 sr. (an OP tank) as a Rampage reward and the lack of punishing action from WG support that personal missions have become widespread rigged, but this… this is just sad:

This situation have exploded in the EU forums (unfortunately WG keeps on erasing the topics) and so far nearly 20 people from the clans you can see got banned, at least 2 of them livestreamers and one is a WGL “PRO” Player, dakillzor. This one guy in particular its not his first offence in the game, back in February of 2014 he got caught in sharing account and in other shady business .

What is outrageous about it, is that apparently they wont lose any progress on the missions and are allowed to keep the reward tank.

7 day bans are not enough to keep them from rigging, these people have shown no remorse on the forums and will keep on breaking the ToS.

I have so many questions…
First why does Wargaming keep on releasing these missions knowing that will generate this behaviour?
And knowing that they will generate this behaviour, why they don’t toughen up their support teams?
Why are certain players allowed to remain/are kept on in the WGL after being caught in shady business or typing disgusting racist remarks in-game chat? (To note that WGL is not real WG and at this point and from what I’ve spoken with them… real WG staff is ashamed of WGL because of situations like this)

I receive emails of clans/platoons rigging these missions on a daily basis but its not in my interest to name and shame, IF (and I really wish) the support team would give me guarantees that these players would receive proper punishment I swear that I would take the extra work and compile everything you sent to me and go as far as creating an article on the blog asking for you to keep on the lookout but my hopes towards that department have been long dead.

Forum Topic about the subject (be quick before it gets erased too).
Clan #1 — Screenshot
Clan #2 — Screenshot

What you think about this situation?

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