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Hello warriors,

recently, a MM developer called “Nikita” made a stream with well-known RU streamer Amway921. Here’s what he said about Wargaming MM. Some of the stuff is pretty nuclear.

– There will never be skill MM in random battles, that is SerB’s unchanged position. If you want skill MM, go play team battles;
– Developer admits that sometimes, WG implements features without telling anyone. They implement it, make it live and announce it only if it’s working properly (otherwise they silently remove it);
– “National battles” MM experiments led to no good results;
– The least vehicles you can meet in one random battle is 7vs7 (happens during late night when very few players are playing);
– Accounts with over 2500 battles played are considered as “advanced players” and when playing lowtier battles, they will not be playing with players with less than 2500 battles (RG: Couldn’t agree more, something I’ve been saying for some time…)
– If a player is 3 times in a row at the bottom of the team, in 4th battle he will definitely be on the top of the team;
– After buying a new vehicle, the first battle with that tank you will definitely be on top of the team;
– Matchmaker has an unused parameter where it treats stock vehicles differently but the developers decided not to use it;
– Apparently platoons have lower chance of appearing on top of the team (“you want to play on the top of the team – play more solo”);
– Developers want to ban troll-platoons but it is unclear when will that happen;
– In 9.7, many additional statistics will be collected;
– Developers already created a piece of code that allows the game to match two players together in a platoon not based only on winrate and number of battles but also based on overall account statistics;
– There is a mechanism developed for gold transfer among the players but it will not be implemented;
– Currently everyone at WG is playing WoWs;
– WoWs has a different MM mechanism, developed by Lesta (WoWs developer);
– WoT Blitz will have bots in tutorial, the tutorial mode is being completely reworked;
– In China (Chinese market), 60-70 percent of players are playing on Windows XP;
– Developers are working hard on Mac OS WoT client;
– MM is being completely reworked, there’s no ETA however. There are plans for many small but very nice fixes.

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