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Mobile and Keyboard Queues, Combined
2016-08-05 16:00:00 / News

Since launching Blitz on macOS and Windows 10, we’ve maintained separate battle queues for players using touch screens or keyboard and mouse controls. After some success letting these players battle together using Training Rooms, we’ve decided to do a limited test combining the two battle queues together.

Players using keyboard and mouse (KBM) are fewer than those using touch/mobile, so that’s still the majority of players you’ll face. The trial run lasts approximately one month, after which we’ll review data and player feedback for a possible extension. There will be no visible way to tell which type of controls a player uses. The matchmaking system will not consider control schemes when creating games. The queues merge on August 8, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET.

We’re eager to hear your feedback and get the results of this experiment. If you’d like to discuss this merge, please head to the forums.

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