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More Clan Supply Levels in Update 2.7
2016-03-03 19:00:00 / News

Clan Supplies are a great way to unlock discounts with your Clan and we’re adding even more to unlock with Update 2.7. Three new levels have been added to Clan Supply, including bigger discounts and more rewards.

A few things to remember about Clan Supply Clan Supply Points and Personal Supply Points are awarded at a 1:1 ratio with XP earned in battle You can only access discounts from the Clan Supply Level equivalent to your Personal Supply level You retain your Personal Supply Level even if you leave your Clan Clan Supply Level Point Costs

Supply Level Clan Supply Point Cost Personal Supply Point Cost 1 – – 2 1,000,000 30,000 3 4,000,000 80,000 4 7,000,000 130,000 5 3,000,000 100,0000 6 9,000,000 350,000 7 6,000,000 250,000

* New levels highlighted in yellow

Keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity to earn Premium time with your Clan for unlocking these new Clan Supply Levels!

New Discounts and Bonuses*

  Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Engine Power Boost 10%     First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher 10%     Repair Kit     10% Multi-Purpose Restoration Pack    10%   Adrenalin      5% Garage Slot for Credits   One Slot**   Vehicle Purchase Discount 5% 5% 5%

* For levels 1-4, view our original Clan Supply article.
** Only one Garage slot will be availble to purchase with Credits

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