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– there will be new camo patterns
– arty will be rebalanced in 2016
– new modes with different amount of players will come after PvE and new physics
– earlier WG said that there will be no submarines in WoWs but now they are thinking about it
– it’s possible the WoWs cruiser  class will be split into “light” and “heavy” cruisers
– if Master of Orion performs well on PC, it’s possible it will appear on other platforms
– currently MoO has 4 races out of 10 ready
– Czechoslovak tier 10 will have an autoloader and good DPM
– the fate of premium T-25 was not decided yet
– all three shown maps (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Berlin) will appear in one patch
– the “moon battle” mode on Xbox was popular

And several more Czechoslovak tanks were shown:

Tier 1 – Kolohousenka

Tier 2 – LT Vz.35

Tier 6 – Škoda T 25

Tier 10 – T 50/51 drawing (by WG)

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