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here’s a fresh batch of info from the Insider. Right off the bat: do you remember the leaked perks and skills from the Insider that Storm called “fake”? Well, apparently they are coming in the next update of World of Tanks for Xbox (along with the Xbox One port). The PC version is still being considered. The same perks/skills. For PC they are still actually under consideration and it’s possible (but not certain of course) that some of them will appear in the PC version as well.

Regarding the penetration test:

The numbers that were leaked were far from complete. The penetration nerf also includes some tier 8 and tier 9 tanks (below tier 8 it wasn’t touched, tier 7 tank penetration will not be nerfed – it’s possible only some lower tier gold ammo will be changed). The main idea is: penetration now is officially a balance value, there is no more need to argue with penetration historicity. The penetration values that leaked are NOT final (although the E-100 change apparently performed well and will likely stay).

The idea the developers got is the following:

– TD’s are to have 240-250mm and above
– HT’s are to have the second best penetratio between 232 and 250mm
– MT’s are third with 202 to 240mm
– LT’s would be the last with 175-220mm at max

These numbers might of course vary from the final product, it just demonstrates how the developers are thinking. There are some concerns that 230mm for mediums might be insufficient to even fire at the sides of a tank. One developer on penetration changes:

“A noob’s dream is to drive the “perfect tank that can penetrate all its shots and bounce everyone else’s”, so its either up-armor everyone’s tanks or reduce the penetration – obviously, the penetration change IS sekected for the sake of bringing armor into value again and because having an IS-7/IS-4 with 400mm armor would only make it ridiculous, driving top tier doesnt mean you have to penetrate every of your shots, that’s why armor exists.”

– the devs are also still considering the remove the 155mm gun of the Foch 155 and replace it with 5-6 round 120mm gun.
– the IS-7 armor is fine, it’s very durable from front
– IS-4 frontal armor was slightly buffed, it won’t be changed
– the Super Pershing armor was confirmed NOT being screwed up, it’s actually the Tank Inspector problem
– one of the ideas to rework artillery is to artificially prevent one-shot kills (not high damage shots, just kills) that are responsible for much anger. Basically the damage would be “cut” so the tank stays alive.
– most of the Overlord map bugs will be fixed in 9.8. Gameplay-wise, the map is considered very, very good, players like it and more maps will continue in this trend
– there will be apparently a personal poll (sent to individual players) about their ideas regarding artillery fix in WoT. Players that will answer crap like “remove arty from the game” (ranting against artillery without constructive ideas) will be removed from any future feedback polls
– there is apparently a weird trend on the US server where players are actually blaming non-NA players for “cluttering up” their servers, “increasing their ping”. According to WG support service, this is pure bullshit.
– first German ship in WoWs will come to supertest “soon”

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