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Hello everyone,

an official portal post appeared on the recruitment program on the US server. It’s quite likely the same system will be implemented to the EU and RU server as well, so if I were you, I’d have a look. World of Alts ho!


The interesting parts are the numbers:

What bonuses are available?

Both a recruiter and a recruit can earn various rewards and bonuses if:

  • They play in the same Platoon.
  • They win battles.
  • Both are among the team’s top 10 in experience earned.

If these requirements are fulfilled:

  • The experience earned by recruits goes to the recruiter’s experience pool, where it accumulates.
  • Both the recruiter and the recruit receive additional experience. The Recruitment Program provides a range of experience multipliers. The multipliers are applied until the recruit brings 350,000 experience to the recruiter’s experience pool.
  • x3 – during the first 24 hours after the time of the recruiter and recruit’s first battle in the same Platoon in Random Battle mode.
  • x2 – during the next 7 days.
  • x1.5 – until the recruit brings 350,000 experience to the pool.
  • x1 – from the moment 350,000 experience are added to the pool by the recruit, but after the x3 and x2 multipliers expire. After this requirement is fulfilled, the experience earned by the recruit will keep accumulating in the recruiter’s experience pool.


XP in Pool Reward
100,000            1,000,000
300,000 Crew member: Loader
500,000 Crew member: Driver
700,000 Crew member: Gunner
1,000,000 Crew member: Commander
Т95Е2 tank

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