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МТ-ЛБ Солоденька цукерочка
Hi friends, as reported Denis Mokrushin in the Ukrainian battalion “Kievan Rus” fully completed the upgraded MT-LB and tested it. The car was given the name “Sweet candy.”

The main elements of the modernization are: setting bronerubki, according to the developers, protects against armor-piercing bullets 7.62×39 , coupled with machine guns KPVT mixing for 1 km and a new engine with 240 hp It is reported that the car potyazhelela per 1 ton, but the rate, however, increased to 80 km / h.

plans to install sighting devices for twin installation, but very strange why they do not appear to test shooting. I think that pokatushki had not completely, and if download free games for android , for example WoT Blitz, it becomes clear that the optics needed!

On the sides are welded turret 2 boxes of 150 rounds each, and the forehead is decorated with cherished bronerubki spell apparently approaching the final victory in the “Eastern Front”. Bronerubki inserted between the sheets of metal corners and bakelite plywood that plays the role of a sandwich of armor.

Couple video of this machine with light pokatushkami, shooting somewhere in there and short interview developers .

MT-LB (multipurpose transporter (tractor) light armored, “Object 6” ) – Soviet armored personnel carrier floating. Created to transport (transport) of people and goods, is also widely used as a prime mover (in some parts used to transport personnel of mechanized infantry units, although not intended for this role, unlike previously adopted on arms BTR-60).

Adopted in 1964, was produced at the Kharkov Tractor Plant. Currently, the Russian Federation, a number of modifications to the MT-LB is produced by JSC Muromteplovoz and Rubtsovsky branch of NPK “Uralvagonzavod” Dzerzhinsky.

MT-LB was used by Soviet troops in the Afghan war, and after the collapse of the USSR was used in virtually every major armed conflicts in the post-Soviet space. In significant quantities MT-LB also supplied Soviet allies and neutral countries, was used in a number of regional conflicts.

was used as a base for a number of special purpose vehicles, armored personnel carriers and the chassis was used for civil all-terrain vehicles. Although since the mid-eighties and he MT-LB in the version without the machine-gun turret and armament has been used successfully in the national economy in the Far North as a rover.

Has the nickname “motolaba”, “motolyga”, “broom” “emteelbeshka.”

After the collapse of the USSR production base of MT-LB remained on the territory of Ukraine. On the chassis of the machine Kharkov Tractor Plant is designed and manufactured civilian all-terrain vehicle HTZ-3H.
The shelling was carried out from the machine with the device to reduce the sound level shot of the company “Strela”.

Photo © Ya.Shamanov (facebook.com)

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