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Hello everyone,

some of you might have noticed two things:

– with the introduction of 9.4 second test patch, Tank Inspector started crashing, when attempting to pull data from the client
– the test introduced a whole bunch of “odd” vehicle files with the letters “IGR” in their file name

As you might have guessed, those two events are related. Hillin (Tank Inspector developer) started digging and discovered those files. The vehicles are the following: AMX 13 90, AMX 50 100, AMX AC.Mle.1948, WZ131, Caenarvon, Cromwell, Centurion, FV304, IS-3, ISU-152, Jagdtiger, KV-2, Panther II, Tiger, Tiger II, KV-85, Sherman Jumbo, STA-1, StuG III Ausf. G, T34 (Heavy), T-44, T49 (Light), T69, T71. They are all in elite configuration and the models are identical to the regular tanks (no changes).

This is how they look in Tank Inspector Pro:


Now, to explain what this means: these vehicles are meant for Korean server (and possibly the Chinese one), specifically for internet café gameplay. Here in Europe, this sort of thing died out, but in Korea, café gaming is a culture thing (as explained by Daigensui). If I understand it correctly, you simply “rent” these vehicles in an internet café and in selected cafés cooperating with Wargaming, you will (apart from the standard premium bonuses) get another 50 percent to XP and credits bonus for your account, as well as gold for a certain amount of battles played.

Whether this is related to the leaked supertest “premium Tiger” in any way, that I do not know, but I don’t think so.

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