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Mystery Mayhem
2014-10-27 11:02:00 / Events


Something mysterious is happening across the Wargaming universe. It’s that eerie time of season when mischief is afoot, and there have been reports of some spooky doings — maybe you should check it out.

During the next week, log in to World of Tanks: Blitz daily for a new bonus!

There’s something to be found every single day beginning October 28 until November 2, and the only way to take advantage is to play! Plus, be sure to visit our forums, Facebook, and Twitter for special Mystery Mayhem contests going on. So, what are you waiting for, tankers? Get out there and crack the case of Mystery Mayhem!

Mystery Mayhem – Day 1

Crew Training/Retraining
20% Gold / Credit Discount

Mystery Mayhem – Day 2

Garage Slots
Gold Discount

1 Slot: 250 5 Slots: 1,000 (25% Discount) 10 Slots: 1,800  (30% Discount) Mystery Mayhem – Day 3

25% Credit Discount

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