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Hello, friends.

HQ is pleased to announce the start of registration new tournaments in the national cups!

Registration for the first phase is already open in June and will close on June 1 at 23:59 at the appropriate time for each cup. The first matches will be held on June 2. [1,999,014]



[1,999,006] Separate tournaments are held only in two countries: Ukraine and Russia. Players from other countries involved in the cups of the West and the East, formed by the following principle:

The member countries of the West Cup: Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.

The member countries of the East Cup: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

to participate in the National Cup Now allowed the team, whose composition is 50% or more is made up of citizens of one country. This national identity is specified in a profile command.

Warning! To participate in the National Cup all players in the profile should be given citizenship. Failure to do so may result in banning the team for the tournament.

Participate and fight for the championship!

Russian Cup

Region A. Register

Region B. Register

Region C. Registration

section of forum Russian Cup .

When you send an application for participation in the Cup of Russia, pay attention to the region in which you register your team!

Ukrainian Cup


section of forum Ukrainian Cup .

Cup West

section of forum Cup West .

East Cup


section of forum Cup East .


All the cups are held in the format of “Attack / Defense” with two databases, as well as matches Wargaming . net League . Read more about the rules, please click here:

acquainted with the rules

You already know that the tournament moved to the functional new site . If you have any difficulty with a new registration form, you will help to guide the same for all tournaments:


B for each month are held three ranking events – one a week. Every week a tournament can participate unlimited number of teams.

team, ranked 1st to 8th in each weekly tournament will receive ranking points. As a result of the three-week tournament 8 best will compete for the title.

[1,999,006] As a result of the final monthly tournament ranking formed the National Cup.


The ranking takes into account only those points that get the team in the final tournament each month. Points earned during the weekly stages, standings are not accepted.

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