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Driving under the water tank – a mandatory step in the preparation tank. The tank can hold under water for over an hour, with appropriate training. Before crossing water obstacles set vozduhopitatelnaya pipe, then lubricated hatches, that no water enters the inside of the tank. Guided by tankers directional gyro, which shows the slightest deviation from the course. When you exit the water tank is catching up on the enemy not only frightened, but also a wave.
Forcing the move is intended to capture the crossing even during the pursuit of the retreating enemy and hold them until their main forces. This is the most favorable conditions to overcome the river, making it possible to quickly achieve success. It must, however, keep in mind that off-the river opponent makes every effort to slow the pace of progress pursuing troops to gain time to organize the defense. Therefore, it is advisable to capture crossings impose on advanced detachments: they are not getting involved in a fight on the intermediate lines of defense the enemy in his rear break and grab crossing. Rapid advancement and maneuver vanguards are usually not allowed an opponent to cling to the coast and to organize the defense of the bridgehead.
Preparing to force in pursuit produced in a very limited time, actually in the process of approach to the river. To do this well in advance to create the necessary grouping of forces and means, which goes to the site of forcing in the composition and sequence, eliminating the need for additional rearrangements.
In the army of Turkey decided to hold the doctrine to overcome the tank water hazard. Tank forces of Turkey have a very remarkable story. In the ranks of armored forces of the country for the time of their existence had time to visit French, German, English and, of course, Soviet tanks and tanks the United States. Accordingly, the tanks have to adjust to such a variety of combat vehicles.
So, you’re done! Let’s go! But if they stopped cars there – it would be even more interesting. By the way, all avtoprikoly video available at videozombi.com






Engine tank army Turkey stalled under water. And hello! Can be run only on the surface at a normal atmosphere. Mechanical gape, lost momentum. We have a while fording happens. But rarely. In the classroom until you’re blue chased, since the passage at the bottom of the pool with weights in your hands and in the SP-5. Then practice on training machines to snorkeling, and then driving itself. Interesting to do. Remembered for a lifetime.

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