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From the improper use of the word Wall, I am sure you already know what we will be talking about. That’s right, Mexico! Mexico has its share of really exotic vehicles and this is one of them.

DN-5 V150 commando copy M8 turret Mexico

This armored car is called DN-5 “Buffalo” (or, DN-V, depending on source). It consists of a hull of a DN IFV and the turret of… the M8 Scott self-propelled howitzer. Because why not. It’s not a tank destroyer of course, it’s more like a light fire support vehicle combined with light artillery (it can fire indirectly).

The DN hull is an interesting thing in its own right. Many consider it a copy of the Cadillac Gage Commando platform, but Mexican sources claim it was an independent design. Whether it’s an unofficial (illegal) copy or a indeed an independently developed vehicle, hard to say. This vehicle was designed in 1984 based on parts readily available in Mexico (a number of M8′s was purchased by Mexico from US surplus after the war).

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