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Good morning lovely Warriors,

While browsing on the NA forums…

(I’m very much of a lurker in the forums but on my free time been answering to in-game related questions when my name is summoned, I recently also created a topic on NA where forum users can drop their questions/concerns: http://goo.gl/KG88OT  will make sure to drop in casually and very probably will create one on EU too)

Panzerkind created some tanks made of Lego:

These are some lego tanks that I created. All of them are completely custom with no instruction and are not based on any real-life tanks though there may be some resemblance. I made all of them from the limited collection of parts I have on hand, so please excuse any mismatch in color since I don’t have the resources to make them perfect and uniform. I also use lego battle droids in a lot of tanks as my crew, since they don’t have big fat arms like normal minifigures.

(Sadly, the images he uploaded are tiny)


These are not the droids you are looking for.



It seems like a technological improvement of the Lego for their endless raging war against feet.

Source link.

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