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New French tanks

With the release of update 9.7 World of Tanks has added new French tanks: FCM 36, Renault R35, Somua S35, SARL 42, Renault G1, AMX 30 AMX 1er prototype and 30 B. And if higher-up still have to spool the French, the “kids” you need right now – in the performance of specific tasks of combat action “Art of War: French tanks.” Let’s see how to assess new French car players from WoT-News, Aces and Expromt-Max:

Team fights in 9.7 [1,999,005]

Update 9.7 has brought to the World of Tanks team a new kind of fighting – “Fight for Ladder.” What is this type of battle and how it is remarkable, read the review of players from WoT-TOP:

Exclusive Tank AMX 13 57 GF [1,999,005]

During the Grand Final in 2015 Wargaming.net League players had the opportunity to purchase a unique eSports light tank AMX 13 57 GF. It stands out for eight drum shells and camouflage brand Wargaming.net League. Review of the tank, read the material of players from WoT-ALL:

Conclusion of the sale of a premium technique

With the 9.7 update, it was decided to transfer the premium machine FCM 36 Pak.40, T14, TOG II * and Panther / M10 in the promotional category. This means that these machines are removed from sale and premium in-game stores. Get them will be in the framework of special shares or as a reward for taking part in competitions. Let’s again look at this technique in a special review of the players WoT-LoL:

Berlin trio

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory on the battlefields of World of Tanks have unusual combat vehicles: the IS-2, ICS-122C and T-34-85 «Rudy». IS-2 and ISU-122C have been recreated in full accordance with the historical view of military equipment, which participated in the final stages of the war and the capture of Berlin. A T-34-85 «Rudy» – hero of the TV series “Four tanker and a dog” – surely the sign of each. Acquire memorable tanks can store up to the Premium on June 1 and in more detail to explore the characteristics of the new technology – in the wiki:

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