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The first part about the “sand” of the machine can be read here.

About the specificity of the French tank production has been said a lot, but the editors Wot-planet never ceases to amaze. Also, we do not cease to be surprised resourcefulness developer Wargaming. Then it will be clear why.

On the 4th level, a new branch of LT / ST France harbored a mixture of paper “bulldog with a rhinoceros’ – SARL 42 . The pilot project, one of the few that was developed during the occupation of France by the Nazis. Roughly speaking it was an attempt to improve Somua S35 and its derivatives – S40 using the experience of the work on the Char G1.

The case is an improved base S35 book forehead in 40mm. Tower – a fundamentally new (taken from the final draft of another infantry tank – Char G1), equipped with a stereoscopic rangefinder (at that time it was a luxury!) And quite powerful 75mm cannon. As a result, the appearance of the tank would have made a rather curious but familiar to the French tank production.

Новые Французские танки: Изобретаем велосипед
works on this project continued under German occupation until 1944. But after the liberation of the country, he has not been implemented – the concept of the tank obsolete even at the beginning of development, for Clermont engineer who worked on SARL 42 repelled by the developments of tanks that are “born” in 1930-ies .

Follower new “Harlequin” in a branch of – Renault G1 (or G1R , or Char G1R [1,999,009]) chronologically, was the forerunner of “42 th”, but technically superior to all his (here’s a French tank specifics), on and took a well-deserved place on the 5th level. Developers World of Tanks, in turn, get out of the intricacies of various design options and were able to “dissolve” the technique in their niches, and give the new branch technology is more or less a logical view.

Новые Французские танки: Изобретаем велосипед
And so, Renault G1 , was one of several pilot projects infantry tank Char G1 , which was developed under the leadership of the company “Renault” in 1936-39 respectively. Just at that moment the French frantically searched for a replacement tanks D2 and seven (!) Of the companies engaged in this business: Baudet-Donon-Roussel (BDR), Lorraine de Dietrich, Renault, SEAM et SOMUA, FCM, Fouga and Batignolles-Chatillon . Posledenie three “fallen off” at the beginning of development, even without providing the initial design.

Samples of projects Char G1 in one picture [1,999,003] Новые Французские танки: Изобретаем велосипед [1,999,003] The new tank was supposed to be more bright predecessors (design maximum speed to 50 mph, but was later reduced to 40), but at the same time be greater protection (60mm armor in the forehead). As a result, the initial design weight of around 20 tonnes has increased to more than 30. Arm planning 75mm tank gun.

In the end, the firm SEAM was able to build a prototype, and the remaining limited only layout. But SEAM not able to provide a one prototype tower and weapons, work turned off because of a shortage of funds and Tanchiki sunk into oblivion, despite the greatest readiness. Option firm Baudet-Donon-Roussel found its place in our game in the form TT Level 5 BDR G1 B .

There he is, the layout G1R [1,999,003] Новые Французские танки: Изобретаем велосипед [1,999,003] Renault paper were able to offer the most successful prototype and even built a full-sized wooden model. However, it was in 1939, and not far off was the beginning of World War II, and then the occupation of France loomed. So it happened that Louis Renault ideas “embodied” only in our game after seven decades. But it is not without its fictions “CB behalf of Serbia”: a top tower G1R borrowed from our “competitors” – version of the company FCM (the tower is already in our game as well as top-end … BDR G1 B). Another “native” Tower is not – it supplied SARL 42 , as already mentioned. 105 mm “fugasnitsa” is not planned to be used in this tank at all.

This is the same layout G1R [1,999,003] Новые Французские танки: Изобретаем велосипед [1,999,003] In reviewing the preliminary performance characteristics G1R becomes clear that BDR G1 B becomes simply need – at the 5th level, we get the CT which is the armor better (around 60mm), goes faster (40 km / h maximum speed, slightly higher power density) and sees more (350 to 320 meters of the review). Here’s a small “bicycle” by vargeymingi – two tanks of the same project in different classes of equipment with a bit illogical for the assigned class performance characteristics.

Yes, and more: Stock tower Renault G1 at the same time is the top AMX 40 , you did not seem to.

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