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Hello everyone,

I’d just like to inform you of a new, experimental function on wot-news, programmed by Edrard in cooperation with the WN8 rating guys. If you are into rating and all that, you probably know that one of the wot-news functions is to check your WN8 rating on this page:


A new function was added to this table – a list of recommended tanks under the “WN8 Suggested Tanks” button. If you press it, you get the following screen:


This is a list of the tanks that you should play (or shouldn’t), if you want to increase your WN8 rating. Basically, it shows the vehicles in your garage, that have the best (and worst, on the right side) rating increase (or decrease) per battle. You can use it as a tool to pad your stats improve your rating in order to be a better player. Enjoy!

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