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New German Line in 1.9!
2015-05-15 16:27:00 / News

If you’re searching for accuracy and mobility, this seven-tank addition to the German line will be right up your alley!

This part of the tech tree starts with the quick and punchy IV Pz III, and the tanks stay nimble while the precision of the guns remains unparalleled, finishing with the the fast and accurate Leopard I. These tanks are quick to accelerate, and while their side armor isn’t meant to take many hits, they have surprisingly well-sloped fronts, meaning you can relocate with ease, bounce a few hits if you have to, and effectively support your team by landing consistent hits from long distances.

Play these tanks sneakily enough, and the enemy will never know what hit them!



VK 30.01 D

VK 30.02 D


Leopard PT A

Leopard 1


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