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New in Update 1.5: Crew System
2014-11-26 10:07:00 / News

Update 1.5: British Steel is almost here, and it’s bringing a new feature: the Crew System. The Crew System will allow you to earn new Skills and train your crewmen with them to improve the combat effectiveness of the tank they command. Previously, Crews were concerned predominantly with the level of their training, their mastery. With this latest update, you’ll be able to earn discrete Skills and outfit each vehicle’s Crew with them, selecting Skills based on your strategic play style.

Each tank type has different Crew needs, so each type has a different collection of potential skills. Pick one that you feel best equips you to fight in that tank!

New Crew Skills

Available Crew Skills are differentiated by tank type.

Light Tank Skills

Hasty Shot
Low Recoil

Medium Tank Skills

Penetration Boost
Smooth Ride
Smooth Turret Traverse

Heavy Tank Skills

Close Combat Master
Adrenaline Rush

Tank Destroyer Skills

Smooth Turn
Deadly Accuracy
Clutch Braking

Keep an eye toward the future. We will explain the Crew System in more detail soon!

Can’t wait for Update 1.5? Join the conversation in this dedicated forum thread.

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