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Новая карта D-Day
Hi guys!
Not often developers MMO games [ 1999007] “World of Tanks” raduyu us with you new playing cards. Usually it or remake old maps, rebalance equipment or the introduction of new ephemeral tanchikov, of which, and in the sketches was not. BUT! This time they decided to enter one of the following update – decent game map D-Day, D-Day. About this sotytii shot many documentaries and feature films. If interested, then – here movies 2014 year.

D-Day, a little historical background

Battle of Normandy, or “Operation Neptune “- June 6, 1944 in Normandy (north-west of France) by the United States, Britain, Canada and its allies was conducted amphibious operation against Germany during World War II.

The Allied invasion of Europe began June 6, 1944 year (D-Day) planting more than 150 thousand on the Normandy coast at 6:30 am. Amphibious assault was carried out on part of the coast a width of 80 km between the mouth of the River Orne and commune Ozvil which was conditionally divided into 5 sectors alien invasion, “Utah”, “Omaha”, “Gold”, “Juno” and “Sord”. [1999005 ]
Invasion divisions on the French coast occurred with varying degrees of success. If a large bridgehead allies were significant achievements, and landing in the landing on an enemy shore from the first minute was able to seize the initiative and create a bridgehead, then on the site “Omaha” the situation got out of control. Faced with a well-organized resistance of the German troops, the Americans are the first minutes of operation suffered serious losses and almost lost the ability to turn the tide in their favor.

And here on this map with you, and we will play

[ 1999003] Новая карта D-Day

Новая карта D-Day

Новая карта D-Day

Новая карта D-Day

Roger Young, welcome!

By the way, since August 20, 2014 to August 29, the game runs another action, this time dedicated to the anniversary of the Iasi-Kishinev operation. At this time:

  • Three-time experience for the first victory of the day in all the art, regardless of the level, type and nation.
  • 50% discount on the following technique investigated: T-34, T 34-85, IP, SU-76, SU-85, SU-152, Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs, Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, Panther, Tiger I, Marder 38T, Jagdpanzer IV
  • 50% discount on the following premium technique: Valentine II, Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f)

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