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New Map Deployment: Canyon
2016-11-23 11:00:00 / Update Notes
Battlefield at the Canyon

Yee-haw! Just look at all these rocks, mines, bushwhacked trains, and a mysterious-looking factory. The story of this place is no secret to anyone who takes a closer look at it: first, there’s gold in them there hills, and it attracted a lot of low down dirty scoundrels. When all the gold was exhausted, people soon found coal and oil.

This discovery barely affected the wild local wheeler-dealers, who continued to fire off their six-shooters like usual. Try digging up a little soil and you’ll surely see a shell, a part of a gun, or some unlucky soul.

Seems like this area is only safe if you’re in a tank. But watch out for bandits: some intense encounters are awaiting your magnificent seven. Let’s see what this new map from Update 3.4 brings us!


Quiet Before the Storm

You have a minute or two to check out this piece of the Wild West before the enemy appears at the end of the street and stares at you down the barrel of their gun. Some of the locals are obviously hiding in their barracks: smoke is coming out the chimneys. There might be eight out and outers that have gathered on the hill and are fixin’ for a fight. But this is a whole different story; your task is to take control of this location!

Canyon is a tough place, especially for unseasoned newbies. That’s why this map is aimed at Tier VI–X vehicles.

The teams start in the north-western and south-eastern corners of the map. Each of these positions has three directions available:

      A town in the south-west

You’ll find plenty of cover positions for single vehicles here; however, it will be easy to get caught in a cross-fire if you’re driving a slow vehicle. The town will suit medium tanks best.

   A rock archway and railways in the center

It’s a hill surrounded by the hollow canyon and a river flowing along its bottom. This area will be great for fast vehicles ready to spot the enemy.

   The factory and the abandoned mine in the North East

These giant buildings can easily hide dozens of Mauses. This direction provides many good cover positions for heavy vehicles. But the factory can also become a maus-trap: if medium tanks with solid turrets promptly take a small hill in the map’s corner, the balance of forces in this area will drastically change.

There are lots of place to take cover in Canyon, but, at the same time, there are many areas where you’ll come under fire. It’s a map where all players can show what they’re made of: utilize your sniper skills, go berserk in close combat, and engage in a fierce chase with shooting and explosions. So, cooperating with your allies is as important as ever.

To Capture or Not to Capture?

Base capture on Canyon, as well as on many other maps, is a risky venture. The lowland-located base is an easy target. To ensure that the enemy will not escape without getting a backside full of lead, the base is crossed by a river, making vehicles move significantly slower.

So, what’s the point of the base? Remember, the center of the map is a light tank area. Start capturing, and the enemy will need to divide its forces and send them to defend the base. But when the enemy comes knocking, your allies will already have high-tailed it outta there!

In Supremacy mode, bases are placed in the main control points of the map. To achieve a score advantage, you have to capture at least two bases. And don’t forget about reducing the number of enemy vehicles, of course.

Fight like a Hero and Ride off Into the Sunset

Canyon requires fighting shoulder to shoulder with your teammates and wisely using the advantages of each vehicle class. The “tank fist” is a good tactic, but it may be caught in a trap and torn apart. Dispersing in different directions may also be dangerous: a small mistake and the team will lose a vehicle.

Prepare your Stetsons, spurs, and revolvers for the release of Update 3.4, and fight in a team like the Magnificent Seven! If you meet a lonely enemy on your way, you’d better not be caught waiting while the wind blows a tumbleweed across the road. Shoot immediately and leave no tank standing!

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