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Hello Warriors,

Now that we are in the ships subject lets catch the rest of the wave…
One of you, Daniel P. wants to share his photos from the New Orleans Navy week, he was also kind enough to leave info for captions.

Westland Wildcat (HMS Lancaster)

Inside of the BL 4.5in gun (HMS Lancaster)

7.5Cm gun (HMCS Athabaskan)

BL 4.5 in gun (HMS Lancaster)

Bridge and Harpoon SSM (HMS Lancaster)

Vertical Launch SeaWolf missile launcher
VLSystem (HMVS Athabaskan)
View from the bridge (HMCS Athabaskan)

30mm gun (HMS Lancaster)

Phalanx system (USS Wasp)

USS wasp profile

USS wasp profile

Bow (USCG Dauntless)
Amount of drug busts (USCG Dauntless)

25mm gun (USCG Dauntless)

USCG Dauntless

Bow (USS Cole)

Bow (USS Cole)

Starboard side (USS Cole)

Superstructure and Bridge (USS James E. Williams)

5inch 127mm cannon (USS James E. Williams)

Bridge and gun (USS James E. Williams)

Stern view of the USS Cole (taken from bow of USS James E. Williams)

If you have photos and want to share with us just email me here: ritastatusreport@gmail.com

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