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New Russian Destroyers Roll In
2016-03-30 18:00:00 / News

Four new tank destroyers are arriving with Update 2.8, adding some serious firepower to the Russian tech tree. Whether you’re a tank destroyer ace or looking to branch out, these Russian beasts will look great in your Garage and even better on the battlefield, picking off enemy vehicles from afar! Read on for a brief rundown on each new tank destroyer!

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SU-100M1 Tier VII

Speed, agility and a low profile will be your biggest assets when rolling out in the SU-100M1. Don’t expect the available guns to blow you away, but they’ll do the job. Be aware that it suffers from limited gun depression, but if you can go hull down and make it work, you’ll should be happy with the results. If you find a good position, don’t get too comfy: Speed is your friend and you should use it to avoid getting pinned by enemy tanks!

SU-101 Tier VIII

If you’re comfortable with the SU-100M1, you’ll have a good idea how to approach the SU-101. Like its predecessor, you’ll need to take advantage of its speed and small size to make the most of it. The lower-end guns can fire off rounds at a brisk rate, while the top-end 122mm M62-C2 can lay down some respectable fire to keep enemies on their toes.

SU-122-54 Tier IX

Like the SU-100M1 and SU-101, speed and a low profile will help you out in the SU-122-54. The 100mm D-54S can fire nearly 10 rounds a minute, but while the top end gun isn’t the most powerful gun on a tier IX tank destroyer, it’s far from the worst. The SU-122-54’s speed means you don’t have to be a solitary sniper and can easily support assaults and flanking maneuvers, but avoid rushing into battle because of its weaker armor.

Object 263 Tier X

The first thing you’ll probably notice in the Object 263 is the rate of fire—it’s one of the best for a tier X tank destroyer. It also bests its peers in aiming time and speed, so if you like fast-firing, speedy tank destroyers, the Object 263 is one to set your sights on. It isn’t top of its class in armor, but its front armor is good enough to get the job done. Like its predecessors, you’ll lament the lack of gun depression, but in most categories the Object 263 stands above its competition.

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