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[1,999,006] Friends!

[1,999,006] Grand Final 2015 was the most successful and largest tank competition in the history of the game. This means that we are moving in the right direction and we are ready to develop eSports World of Tanks with even greater enthusiasm.

Headquarters happy to tell you the imminent start I 2015-2016 season of the year Wargaming . net League .

What awaits players and fans ?

Starting June 13

[1,999,006] now matches Gold [1,999,011] Series [1,999,011] RU -Locality will be held in weekend. This coming Saturday, originated the first round of the competition. On the schedule for the first match, you will learn very soon.

Two seasons

Seasons Wargaming . net League getting longer: now the Grand Final between the two of them instead of three. The first season Gold Series last from June 13 to September 20 and accommodate two rounds of the group stage.


[1,999,032] Studio Finals

Headquarters focuses on quality online broadcasts. That is why these finals Gold Series will take place in a studio format with the participation of the two teams and invited guests. Emotions, contests, live coverage from the event – everything will be even better than before!

Medal and media

prize fund Gold Series is 190 000 US dollars. In addition, the teams have the opportunity to make extra money at the expense of their mediaaktivnosti. The more materials produced teams players and better lead their groups in social networks, the more money they get.

Broadcast WGL EU

From this season Headquarters will broadcast matches European division Wargaming . net League . Kazna Kru , Schoolbus , Virtus . pro and other teams are now closer than ever before! Group stage matches will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Start – June 16 .


Gold Series


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Structure Gold Series

12 best teams in the league, which will play each other in the two rounds group stage.

Now, the first place does not guarantee participation in the LAN -finale six best teams get into the play-offs, which are fighting for the two quotas in the final of the tournament. The teams that occupy the final place from the 7th to the 10th, will be able to play Wild [1,999,011] Cards [1,999,011] Challenge .

Silver Series

Bronze Series
Structure Bronze Series

Bronze League is a series of regular tournaments with open registration, during which the team will earn points. Tournaments are designed for an unlimited number of participants and are held in two conferences: West and East. At the end of each month will be formed the rating of the best teams in the regular tournaments and prizes will be drawn.

Who will go Silver Series?

Summary pleadings in Bronze Series supplied after the end of the season Silver Series . Eight teams, five from the West and three in the East – with a total rated the best at the end of the Silver League directly get into it for next season.

Wild Cards Challenge


For more information about Wild Cards

This tournament system designed to shorten the route to the top flight of the League and for teams of these divisions have fallen into the tournament Wild Cards Challenge, – on the contrary, a second chance to save the residence. If you play for a strong, but young team – you can jump straight Gold Series just a few weeks!

Wild Cards Challenge is conducted before the start of the next season. Participants of the tournament:

  • 4 teams [1,999,011] Gold [1,999,011] Series [1,999,011]: 9th and 10th place and two group stage Teams eliminated earlier than others from the round of the playoffs.
  • 18 teams [1,999,011] Silver [1,999,011] Series [1,999,011]: 3-5- th place each group and 6 teams round of the playoffs. [1,999,325]
  • [1,999,011] 8 best teams [1,999,011] Bronze [1,999,011] Series [1,999,011] on the basis of the reporting period.
  • 4 teams from more open qualification. [1,999,325]

[1,999,351] [1,999,353] Results of the first WC Challenge [1,999,012]

Regulations of all the series of tournaments will be released June 10th.

[1,999,006] Follow the news:


  • [1,999,365] wgleague.net – the official website of the League.
  • Wargaming.net League – official page “VKontakte”.
  • Wargaming.net League – official page in Facebook.
  • wglru – official blog in Twitter.
  • Results II final season WGL .
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