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New Tanks Sighted! Edelweiss & Nameless
2016-09-15 16:00:00 / Premium Shop

Our collaboration with Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles is on now! Take the Edelweiss or Nameless onto the battlefields of Blitz.

Edelweiss – Tier VII Medium Tank

Valkyria Chronicles’ “hero” tank lets you create your own heroic moments thanks to its blend of mobility and power. Grizzled tankers will find it similar to the German Panther, with comparable armor, firepower and speed. Its firing rate (8.7 seconds) lets the damage potential outdo the Panther’s, approaching the level of some heavy tanks.

With 850hp in a 38-ton chassis, the Edelweiss won’t outrun the Panther, but it’s no slouch in the mobility department. 90mm of frontal armor and 40mm on the sides and rear is a strong message to keep out of the enemy’s gunsights.


Nameless – Tier VII Heavy Tank

Commanded by deserters and former criminals, the Nameless was one of the enemy vehicles encountered in Valkyria Chronicles. In terms of performance and play style, think of the Nameless  somewhere between the Tiger I and Tiger II. Extremely thick front armor can virtually shrug off head-on attacks, but the 120mm armor on the turret and lighter armor on the rear can really hurt if struck from other angles.

The Nameless can quickly accelerate to its top speed of 32kph. But with those tradeoffs in mobility and armor, you’ll want to stick by your teammates. However, the Nameless’ gun can deal 90 damage more per round (on average) than the Tiger I.

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