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Новая версия «Укрепрайонов» в обновлении 9.4


B Update 9.4 in the “fortified area” will be a new functionality:

  • Ability to develop a structure to level 10, to get the maximum bonuses, including game gold.
  • Battle of the fortified area . Now you can attack the fortified area of ​​the other clans and rob them.

Bonuses from the construction of buildings

When the maximum levels of the structure of its fortified area, you can get:


+ 50% of the loans
for battle


+ 100% experience of the crew
for the fight


+ 50% experience
for the fight


+ 100% FREE. experience
for the fight

At the 10th level of “Office” there is an opportunity not only to earn 600,000 of silver, but also get 1000 Gold or weekly premium Account!

Features battles for the fortified area

  • Defence fortified area occurs at a fixed time, which selects the owner of the fortified area.
  • can plan attacks on 14 days ahead, which will save time, the team clan.
  • The “truce” will choose a day when it will be impossible to attack your fortified area. In this case an attack remains.
  • The “neutrality”: you can plan period (vacation), when to attack your fortified area is not possible.
  • Number of possible attacks per day equal to the number of open areas and you can attack 4 Clan daily maximum.
  • Defend need only once a day and from one clan.
  • Attack on the same clan can be once a week.
  • Notice:

    attacking fortified areas will be included in a week after the release of update 9.4. This is done in order to develop the structure of clans could above level 4.

    Attack and defense of fortified areas will only be conducted on the technique of X-level format of 15 x 15 with a duration of 10 minutes of battle.

    After switching on the battlefields of the fortified area within 14 days will not be penalties in case both command will not go into battle. About the beginning of the actions we announced fines.

    That’s it …

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