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Night Hunt Frequently Asked Questions
2016-10-14 17:00:00 / News

Night Hunt is underway but some of you have voiced concerns and questions via our forums, social media and support tickets. Don’t despair, we’ve gone on a hunt of our own for answers!

Do I need both Tokens of Light and Seals of Darkness to unlock either tank?

Yes. The battle between Dracula and Helsing might be a battle between light and dark, but you’ll still need both items to unlock the stages for either tank. To see how many Tokens and Seals a specific stage requires, highlight that stage in the Night Hunt menu and the amount will be displayed at the bottom.

When you highlight a stage it’ll show how many Tokens and Seals are required to unlock it based on the current amount of items you have. So even if you have enough to unlock stage 5, unlocking stages 3 and 4 may require you to hit the battlefield again to earn more.

What’s the best way to earn Seals of Darkness?

You’ll quickly notice that Seals are a bit harder to earn because they’re rewarded by completing battle missions, instead of by earning XP for Tokens. Play consistent tiers to maximize your earnings. Missions repopulate based on the tiers and tanks you play, so consistent play really helps. Of course, higher tier battle missions will offer the potential to earn more Seals, but consistency is key.

Skipping battle missions costs Gold, but don’t forget that you get a free “skip” each day. The best time to use it is if you’re stuck on a battle mission you just can’t complete or want to pull a higher-tier mission.

Do you have any tips for unlocking these tanks?

Here’s a few protips:

Battle missions reset twice a day. Learn when they do to ensure you can knock out as many missions as possible per day. If you get hung up on a mission, use your free daily mission skip to get a new one. Gold cost for skipping missions is based on the amount of Tokens and Seals needed; meaning that the more Tokens or Seals you earn, the less Gold you’ll need. We’ve already said it, but we’ll say it again: Play consistent tiers for the best results!

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