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The development team is not only working on a new game modes, but also continues to improve existing ones. Thus, in the 9.4 update will be significantly reworked mode “Team Deathmatch”. The main goal – to make the team battles even more exciting and entertaining. We offer you a brief overview of the proposed changes.

General Rules
  • As before, the battles take place in a 7 by 7, but now only allowed to play a full team. For teams with incomplete composition may be possible donabrat random players from the queue.
  • Battle time decreased and now is 7 minutes.
  • introduced certain restrictions on the composition of the team. It is now available in two versions:
  1. six tanks VIII level + one tank level VI
  2. five tanks VIII levels + two tanks VII level .

You can choose any of these two options. Technology I-V levels for battle is not allowed.

  • When you enter the battle, one team is randomly assigned attacking, the other – the defending. The task of the attacking team – defenders destroy or capture at least one from the database. The task of defending team – to destroy the attackers or not to give them to capture none from the database before the time of battle.
  • Draw is only possible in the case of the simultaneous destruction of the art of both teams.

Features Capture

  • Each card has two bases. Capture both databases can take place simultaneously.
  • Time to capture a base with one tank – 120 seconds.
  • Maximum capture rate is achieved in the presence of three tanks invading the circle base.

List of available maps

  • “Himmelsdorf”;
  • “Winter Himmelsdorf” *;
  • “Prokhorovka “;
  • ” Ruinberg “;
  • ” Murovanka “;
  • ” Siegfried Line “;
  • ” Rock “;
  • ” Steppe “;
  • ” Arctic “;
  • ” Tundra “;
  • ” Kharkiv “.

* Probability of cards “Himmelsdorf” and “Winter Himmelsdorf” halved each of them, that is, their total probability of loss equal to the probability for any other card.

Some features of extension dialing players

By extension dialing refers to access to part-time team battle with the condition of filling vacant seats of random players queue in this mode.

extension dialing is not possible if the team does not meet the new requirements of the regime, “Team Deathmatch”. Namely:

  • team have more than one tank level VI;
  • included in the more than two machines VII level;
  • in the team at the same time there are tanks VI and VII levels.

These changes will add to the popular game mode of entertainment and variety. For more information about changing the format of team fights and other features of the 9.4 update will be available in subsequent publications. Stay tuned for updates!

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