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Vitali Fadalmahr Bugorkov more than two years in the team Wargaming. But the contribution to the development of the game, he did not stop, so is regularly updated your profile on WarGag.ru new jokes. Commissioner editor Valerie Prigogine tells of unexpected revelation:

“Moderators are dealing with the usual game nicknames, and discover that the developer can have a sense of humor, was only after his victory in the competition« WoT joke! ” . Corporate Account imposes some restrictions on participation in the show jumping, contests and modeling tanks of sand and snow. Despite the discovery of the conditions for participation, where the winner is determined by voting members, the crew on the $ 175 is not repelled even the cost to replace the documents, as the game did not bring gold “.

[1,999,010] Today Fadalmahr talks about his hobbies, literary ‘ achivki “tank and perfectionism.

Vitaly Bugorkov 29 years. Two and a half years I have been working at Wargaming, and all say that first of all I am just a player like everyone .

– How did the idea of ​​becoming a writer WarGag?

According to the specifics of spending a lot of time in the “tank” – there is a huge number of ideas in his head. Born memes, jokes, puns. But if it’s all in the wrapping of the content of such things will zakidyvanie “meat”, which I would not like. This is done not for the sake of earning gold, and, so to speak, to amuse vanity – come and see the work that has collected 700 plus sign. Someone may have gone, leafed through – smiled. I am pleased.

Very often the idea is born to me or my colleague, and in the evening you open WarGag, and someone dobukvenno repeated this gem. It’s great: collective thinking players think one way or is it just hot topic.

– What you’re a developer, you know the game inside, somehow influences?

Two and a half years I have been working in Wargaming and all say that first of all I am just a player like everyone.

I have 15 thousand fights, and when I came to work in the company, there were only 400. All of my phrases, all my thoughts are primarily on the face of emotional player, then – on behalf of the reasonable person, and then, probably, – on behalf of the developer.

It is not necessary to differentiate us: we are the same players, and if someone has embodied the failed idea, I can say that this idea is a failure, and argue it. I also accept criticism, and this is very often the case in connection with the specifics of my job. Sound criticism – the engine of any project.

– What is your job?

“syllables in terms the words “that players see in the game client – this is my part or my job. Comes document in which technical requirements of the text: it is necessary to describe the action of this button is needed to describe the mechanism of the individual reserves are to prescribe the conditions for personal combat mission here – to come up with the name of the rewards card mode. In other words, the job is in the writing of the text from the ground up, and in translation from the technical to the available Russian.

Sometimes there are strict technical limitations, and should be completely deranged size to fit in ice three words. My artistic vision of the story, and I need a dry style of information transfer. I’m starting to weave fictional word “past” and “future” instead of “the past” and “future” – then that I have and start trolling colleagues. Well, there is constant feedback – at the global level by the players on the local – from colleagues.

– What is your nickname?

since high school stuck me the name of Shaman, and many old friends still call me that. In school, I in no way understood but Native American cults. Brought up on the books of Mayne Reid, Karl May, Fenimore Cooper, Rudyard Kipling, I was close to the theme of unity with nature.

When I started to discover the world of the Internet and to register on the forums, all such Popular nicknames were already occupied. Just at that time I got the game Sacred, and I got hooked on it – for the “Easter eggs” and fun gameplay. Chasing Seth Fadalmara (Fadalmar’s Consel), and it stuck in my head – I began to be recorded under that name. To register for the event in some popular resource name is not employed, add the letter «h», which according to the rules of linguistics can not be read. My nickname – in honor of the dwarven king, and write. Although I have not read anything about it, surely there is some sort of a background, but, to my shame, I only know that he has a class ring with an ax, and the fact that I was stuck for a long time to murder his king, ghost, I could not pass. Nickname I have since never me.

– What else are you passionate about?

I read a lot , and, if life were given “achivki” from the series “read all the books of a certain author,” I probably would have got a few of these. I read all the published works of Lovecraft (whose re-read often), Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Sapkowski, Sienkiewicz and many others. As long as you do not read all the works of the author, successful and failing – you nothing objective about it really. This is not a position of principle, just so interesting.

with students Literature for me is not just reading (now from the catastrophic shortage of time necessary to replace paper books ersatz variants – audio books), but also attempt to be realized. Still, I have letters to earn their bread, so why would I not earn more letters and addressed. I am writing in the genre of diesel-punk. And diesel-punk in my mind is not necessarily “Mad Max” and the war for “benzak.”

A lot of time once I paid music – with the release from the school. For many years, the choir, many years metallovyh different gangs. For one, I struck up a productive three years. Plus I like the hands to work. One of my jobs was to Wargaming MAZ – there I turned the nuts and imbued it. I have a garage with a small forge and anvil, where I wrenches, files and “Volga” springs to reforge different cool things. Just forging, tempering, polishing.

– Your passions are reflected in the game?

– Well, in the “tank” I’m a perfectionist to the core. In statistics there is a column Safety signs klassnosti. As soon as I found out about it, it turned out that I got the first signs of sync. Now I ride the machine until the moment when he is taken “Master”. Now I have about 160 machines, and all have a “master”, except for one – it is £ 100, which I bought recently. There is a column “Number of fights,” and there I have a strict system. The first bar – 10 fights, then 30, then 50 and a multiple of 50, ie 100, 150, 200 … Why? Because it is beautiful. There are also disadvantages: taking the “Master” on the 101st fight, we have to chew the cactus More 49 fights. Such cases.

crew – a separate song. US tankers – Presidents with dollar bills with corresponding names / surnames. The Soviet and German branches I only composers Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Haydn, Schubert, and so on. British – British rock / metal stars: Dickinson, Halford, Kilmister, Cooper, Mercury, Lennon. In the French – pilots “Formula 1”: Grosjean, Alesi, Villeneuve, Pescarolo, simple. And one crew on the entire nation, “Universal Soldier.” Ah yes, now also girls arrived. It was once the task to expand the list of names and surnames – so then I turned around: the famous scientists, actors, musicians – all are countless.

I was just important to play for something, although my excessive perfectionism, many do not understand. Well, never mind, it’s something personal.

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