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Vitali Fadalmahr Bugorkov more than two years in the team Wargaming. But the contribution to the development of the game, he did not stop, so is regularly updated your profile on WarGag.ru new jokes. Commissioner editor Valerie Prigogine tells of unexpected revelation:

“Moderators are dealing with the usual game nicknames, and discover that the developer can have a sense of humor, was only after his victory in the competition« WoT joke! “. Corporate Account imposes some restrictions on participation in the show jumping, contests and modeling tanks of sand and snow. Despite the discovery of the conditions for participation, where the winner is determined by voting members, the crew on the $ 175 is not repelled even the cost to replace the documents, as the game did not bring gold “.

Today Fadalmahr talks about his hobbies, literary “achivki” tank and perfectionism.

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