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“No kidding.” As a schoolboy became a veteran of humor

Editorial WarGag closely followed the creative throwing authors and accordions gyre in nature: the creators disappear and their jokes goes to the people. Today authorized the editor Valera Prigogine talks about Pe4enkko , who scored more until WarGag.ru .

«Pe4enkko – one of the Veterans annealed since the days of & ldquo; Quotations & rdquo; (Wgbash’a). Now before its first citation in 2012 can be reached only by driving nickname in the search bar.

But first and foremost it is a serial prankster with a lot of personalities. Dominated, of course, the guy is a student who hates students. The moderators were seen such characters as a married man and his five year old son, the guy who met and parted ways with the girls. There is a suspicion that soon they possess the personality of a cat, which sells all premium tanks purchased for prize money. “

Oleg Nesteruk lives in Lutsk at the crossroads of three countries : Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. The secret of success (and this is the reason for the diversity of roles) that the reader should learn the history of a hero himself – says Oleg. About how insomnia helps to invent something to joke and laugh at everything, says the author.

Oleg Nesteruk, 19 years old. Since childhood he liked to draw maps and be in school atlases his “plan to capture the world.”

“At the moment I study a sophomore majoring & ldquo; surveyor & rdquo;». Probably one of the reasons why I started playing in the tanks was global map.

As a true gamer, I do not really like active rest. “Tank” is for me holiday. What could be better than to take a “warrior”, drinking tea with cookies victory. If I want to “extreme”, that you can play poker. And in his spare time from the computer, I prefer to just walk around with your friends.

I remember that I started playing under the influence of fan videos, which was shown to the gameplay. Since August 30, 2011 I decided to download the client. In the process learned about the Global map, and it’s finally convinced me.

At the time of the debut of the game I was in high school, and money on “Gold” did not allow me to spend inner miser. In order not to anger him, I began to look for ways to earn extra money on the internet: from copywriting and affiliate programs to channel YouTube and creating websites . However, e will not bring the expected results.

I was not involved in various competitions and just wondered how others create masterpieces and win prizes. But one day there was news about the entertainment competition – “Quotations World of Tanks». I liked the idea, because I just did that flood chat, then Affairs about falling off a cliff. As it is a shame, but that I pursued materialistic goals, when he sent his first job. B her little boy asked Santa to close the gate at the North Pole to the deer do not run away in random. B anal and uncomplicated work like the readers.

Nearly all appear randomly. And often it happens at night when I could not sleep. Through all WoTAssistant srazupopadalo for moderation. Then the “Quotations” has grown into WarGag, which were not only quotes and pictures interspersed with video. I, as a conservative-minded person, skeptical accepted these changes and began to send fewer works.

When I returned to WarGag, then immediately noticed that “the era of quotes” took place, and now the trend in the picture. With grief in half painted (or, rather, has signed) the first picture. A week later, this work won a prize. Inspired by this success, I decided to continue and quite unexpectedly discovered such a thing as SIFCO.

There is no need to be a god of marketing to understand that most of the tank – the “big guys”. So I wrote about simple things: about the children, about the wives, about work, even though he is familiar with this little. Besides, there is something that everyone loves – it seals!

I only have positive thoughts towards readers WarGag & rsquo; but, because they have supported my work and showed that I still did not in vain. If the first joke I sent my thoughts “and suddenly someone will put a plus sign,” but now I have the confidence that people appreciate my work objectively. This belief is reflected not only in the Internet, but in real life, I realized that even the most incompetent krivoruky can achieve something, if you believe in it. “

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