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continue to talk about the outstanding pranksters. At this time the section was a player with the talent of well-aimed words and a quick response. Commissioner editor WarGag.ru Valera says Prigogine, for which noticed an unknown author.

“On the last FaceHoof & rsquo; a very little is known. Similarly, we only know that he hails from the planet Earth. With mastery of various themes and inventive techniques of humor, he managed to create a reputation as a good writer. A few successful “otvetok” using other people’s pictures and comments made it sound like on Shang Tsung, the character “Death (Humorous) battle.” For other authors, it can serve as a model of efficiency: his jokes often focus on the most relevant events in the & ldquo; World of tanks & rdquo; ».

under the name FaceHoof hidden Andrew Tarakin . He lives in Sosnovy Bor nuclear scientists city, where the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

Tarakin Andrei, 20 years old: “My style of play then was such that everyone wanted to make a pony FaceHoof». [1,999,026]

Andrew says that often, that there was a joke, it needs to notice something unusual, and honestly admits that play World of Tanks goes out regularly, but at least once a week, he is trying to “shoot twice with basic machines “. On the other, unusual hobbies FaceHoof tells himself.


My nickname is literally translated as “LitsoKopyto”, by analogy with the FacePalm (LitsoRuka). So I was asked to name one of my friends who, like me, loves My Little Pony. Yes, and my style of play then (and sometimes even now) was such that everyone wanted to make a pony FaceHoof.

I think that the success of My Little Pony is that it is one of the few movies where the greatest power in the universe is the most common friendship. Each series – this is a lesson, and every hero – its advantages and disadvantages. All this shows quite banal. After watching an episode downright Charges good. Seriously.

And yet one who watched this cartoon and imbued them receive full immunity against trolling. This is a very good property, if often have to communicate on the Internet.

The Middle Ages

free time is not so much, but when it happens, is a historic military reconstruction England XV century, especially the period of the Wars of the Roses. Every week there are training fencing.

In order to do the reconstruction, it is necessary to make an authentic way. I myself have tried to walk in armor. It’s nice to feel so protected, but to move them very hard, so I prefer an easy riveted chainmail. Engaged for two years, but still in training I often flies to excellence is far.


The tank I put my uncle. He just gave me a ride on a couple of their tanks, and then it started. This was back in 2011. Then I created my account. With what warmth I remember the days when rashil in the middle katabatic T-28 merges the first and benefit from it a lot of fun.

Who is most of all I love cars that can tank. And so my first heavy tanks like the Soviet Union, some German heavy tanks, some US PT. Yes, I like T95. Yes, the mobility of her … virtually nonexistent. But because of this it was almost impossible to merge into the forefront. Do not forget about the psychological effect of T95. Any relatively not a quick tank, seeing on the way the tank begins to seek shelter. And, of course, like the British car.

I remember his first jokes on WarGag. For example, the joke about the fact that T95, as well as any sports car, gaining maximum speed in seconds. I remember a picture about the explosion at the T92 BC, or about how instead of a new hangar in honor of the 15th anniversary of Wargaming «thrown out all the tanks in the streets.”

I have long realized that I have a few specific sense of humor. But, fortunately, sometimes it coincides with the sense of humor of the majority.

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