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“No kidding.” Poet from the coast of the two seas

Editorial WarGag continues to reveal the secrets of success and talk about their best authors. At this time in the category – Po3T.

The first word takes the authorized editor Valera Prigogine :

“I am confident that this author, watching movies as a child on a video player, knocked nunchaku chandelier and a poster for this strictly watched Arnold and Bruce Lee. In any case, many of his pearls refer to the characters of your favorite movies. With the gentlemen of fortune, Lyolik and Geshi, Ivan, Topper Harley, Lok Dog and Freddie Elm Street he became champion in the number of won competitions & ldquo; WoT joke! & Rdquo;.

Many the authors of those that are trying to find easy ways and dragging on WarGag.ru slightly “perebayanenny” junk naryty in social networks, we can only watch as Po3T repeatedly wins. He still manages to keep the strike. I hope he will not lose flair and will spread only thoroughbred humor. “

Andrew« Po3T »Abrosimov hails from the Taman Peninsula. Creativity in all its forms fond childhood: drawing, participated in the initiative, wrote scripts, filmed shorts. Surprisingly, it has a real winning formula. About their ideas and superstitions, he tells himself.

In three-te

History nickname originates just one hobby. Was formerly Stalker – nickname, taken from the story of Cyrus Bulychev “Save Galya”, which refers to a film based on the novel by Strugatsky Tarkovsky. But approaching the output of the same game prompted to change to something more original. So there was a «Po3T» – first adhered nickname earned lyrics for a rock band. Nick, who does not know how to read “The Poet”, some jokingly call me “in a three-te.”

In WoT’ve been playing for a long time, started with ACS, which is why warm feelings for this class still remains, though subsequently mastered every kind of art.

flood chatting even during the first acquaintance with MMO games. In WoT tradition continued, and when the first official quote pad, began to send some pearls there. Like even won the competition.

Then life turned into a WarGag, added support for images. Here they I did not even think to do, for Photoshop & rsquo; nd not absolutely owned. But once had the idea, somehow designed it in Paint – and work, to my surprise, was passed moderation and good meetings. I do not think I would be a picture to continue, if not for the occasional success.

Training for fantasy

It is said that according to statistics of the ten ideas for two or three – excellent, two or three – the bad, and the remaining four to six – just normal. This applies to jokes in any form, so it is critical to tune in to the perception works. On average, one-third goes to the website pictures of five or six a week, I do not even sent the most successful to replenish Statistics. You can consider this my personal little superstition.

Here lies one caveat. Sense of humor – something ambiguous. And the fact that I do not like people sometimes perceive much better than better and more fun (in my opinion) work. In general, the main secret: quality and quantity.

My favorite subject for me – it is cinema and remaking songs (a little more – and you can release the album covers). Some jokes are born from accidentally seen the pictures, some – just come into my head, and have chosen for their design.

Of course, during that time have accumulated some not fully formed sketches. Some eventually may see the light, and some will remain ideas. In general, I like this way to train imagination. If before I was engaged in this mood, the recently trying to stick to a regular schedule.

Read the full collection of works Po3T possible to WarGag.ru .

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