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Thanks to “Lovejoy-Fedora” and trankie00 for the piece of info :)

Hello everyone,

all plans change apparently – even the good ones :) Some time ago (roughly a month back or so), it was stated by Tanitha that there’s a possibility of Type 59 appearing for one time only special sale event on the ASIA server, along with other exclusive tank – BT-SV. While BT-SV was indeed sold, Type 59 was not. Now, Tanitha confirms that the thought was indeed scrapped:

The type 59 isn’t planned for sale. I just replied to a player’s question about rare tanks, that we are currently considering the type 59, so it was currently unknown. The type 59 however will continue in the same format as it has been for the past ~2 years..

“Currently not available for sale, unlikely to be sold again, no planned/intended sales, will continue to have limited availability as competition prizes”

We have some competitions coming up over the festive period where players have the chance to win one. So keep an eye out for those.

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