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as you probably already know, in 9.5, individual missions (IM’s) are coming. What exactly are IM’s? Well, they are (supposed to be) missions, tailored to each player specifically (different from player to player). Based on which criteria and how exactly will it look is not known.

In any case, what was published – in December (possibly early January, since in order to unify the “festivities”, Wargaming is focusing on the New Year day and not the usual western “Christmas” dates), we’ll get to see some individual missions with exclusive tanks as rewards (these include the T28 Concept, T55A and Object 260). Check this out:


Here, Storm comments on how the mission will look. Apparently, getting the Object 260 (which is the ultimate prize) will be “very complicated” and the mission will be split into multiple stages the way the IS-6 mission was.

This Storm’s comment led to some rage by a player (the screenie is his, thanks by the way), who claimed that this is a bad idea, since he won’t have time to play hardcore every day the way it was required for the IS-6 missions and that “difficult” should not mean “tedius” and “no life”. Evilly (WoT producer) reacted on his post, stating that he should in fact wait for the missions to be announced, before he makes any judgements – he adds that it’s too early to tell the details. His words however do give us hope that for once, Wargaming did not mix “difficult” and “tedious”. Should be interesting.

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