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Hello everyone,

here are the Object 260, T55A and T95E2 videos. These were made by notable Russian video makers on testing accounts, lent by WG for these purposes. Obviously, I can’t translate the commentary of the player (nor do I want to, it’s quite subjective), but suffice to say, I’ve seen these vehicles in action on the test server (courtesy of certain supertesters and their sharing of “feeling” of the tanks”).

– Object 260 is generally liked, it is VERY maneuverable (faster than some mediums) and the frontal armor is very nasty. Generally, it’s as good as the IS-7.
– T-55A is awesome, it works as well as the T-54, no big surprises there. It’s surprisingly mobile.
– T95E2 has very nasty frontal armor, but in general, nothing much
– Panther 88 (not on videos) is just a Panther II for most intents. It’s slow, sluggish and the gun has relatively poor depression. Not the best tank around, wouldn’t buy it based on current info (but hey, without proper testing, it’s hard to say).



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