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Hello everyone,

thanks to CostlierZero1, who noticed two more odd inconsistencies in World of Tanks models. Check this out.

This is the tier 2 British artillery, Loyd Gun Carrier. This is how it looks visually:

Loyd Gun Carriage_10-49-20

And this is the collision model.

Loyd Gun Carriage_10-49-25

Notice the green frontal “shield”, that’s missing from the visual model. It has 0mm armor thickness, but it is still “effective” – it will detonate HE shells and it will cause the vehicle to be damaged when hit instead of the shells going straight inside of the vehicle. Why is that part not on the visual model? Hell if I know.

Also, the M44 is missing a part of the collision model – the rear brace. Other artilleries have it modelled as a spaced armor, but M44 just doesn’t have it at all.



Small things, but still…

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