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Hello everyone,

some of you guys (thanks to Listy for this particular thing) might have noticed one thing about the new 9.5 branch. We basically have to relatively identical vehicles in the game – the M10 US TD and the Achillers, which are mostly identical (Achilles is simply a re-armed M10), yet they – in the game – have quite a different armor. Check it out – the M10:


And the Achilles:


Basically, as you can see, the frontal Achilles armor is mostly 38,1mm thick (with that red part being 50,8mm thick), the sides are 19,1mm thick, the mantlet is 57,2mm thick and most of the frontal turret is 19,1mm thick with 25,4mm sides. On the other hand, the M10 front is entirely 51mm thick (with the red part being much larger – and 114mm thick), the sides are roughly equal (19mm) and so is the mantlet, but the entire turret front is 57mm thick and the hole behind the mantlet is much smaller. What’s up with that?

Well, that’s because M10 is ridiculously overarmored in the game. It’s the same story as with other models – M10 is quite an old model and back then, historicity was not that important as it is now for Wargaming (well, unless they decide to implement some made-up shit again anyway), that’s why it ended up with much thicker armor than it should have. In any case, it’s quite likely that when it is reworked to HD, the M10 armor gets nerfed to the Achilles level. The M36 Jackson has the same issue by the way.

Still, it’s very likely this will be compensated by buffs in other areas, so…

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