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Right, so – in my last post, I mentioned writing a book. Well, the bad news is that it’s currently only in Czech – I don’t really feel all that confident about writing in English, would need a lot of proofreading, but if there’s ever a demand, who knows?

I was actually thinking about starting from scratch in English. How hard can it be to hire a native speaker for proofreading, right? Last night I returned from Amsterdam, spent several hours on the airport thinking about it, wrote some notes on what I’d change. I am actually really bad this way – I do this a lot in computer games too, especially RPGs. I start something, get around to one third of the game – and then stop and start over again because I want to do every detail right in case something really hard comes later on.

Anyway, I am digressing again.

Writing a book (in your language) isn’t hard. Hell, it’s easy as long as you have something you like to write about and I enjoy writing about tanks and writing stories. This book (well, the drafted part I have now) has actually both. And pictures, never published previously, I am actually really proud of that. I’ve been on a writing break for a long time, with Armored Warfare consuming pretty much ALL my time, but I’d love to finish the draft until summer.

One thing I decided on however is that it’s going to be a paper book. Sorry, kindlers. I like paper. Publishing the book (in reasonable numbers) isn’t actually that expensive unless you want some fancy stuff (glossy hard covers and all that). So yeah, there’s that.

Should be fun :)

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